Why The Gothic Manicure Is On Trend

What Is The Gothic Style Type?

The "Gothic" subculture also known as "Goth" is well known for their mystique culture. Some people associate dark with being gloomy, but their dark culture brings intrigue and the flair of unique fashion. The Goth subculture is dominating architecture, gothic makeup, and fashion. In fact, since the early 80's, the Gothic look has been at the core of many fashion statements.

Today, the Gothic look has become a popular trend in nail art. Women and men are using dark colors on their nails to show intricacy. Learn more about the Gothic style as nail art by reading more details below.
What Go Gothic?

Many women want to be trendy, but also set new trends. To millenials, setting new trends also means staying cool and setting trends with their style choice and the Gothic style nail art is the perfect trend.

The Gothic style has many style options to choose from. In fact, goth has the benefits of many new options too. Many wearers are amazed how the Gothic look has been able to set amazing new trends. Dark and cool is actually a wonderful way to express yourself with your nails.

Gothic Nail Art Is More Than Dark Colors

Gothic is also much more than dark colors. For example, a deep (not necessarily dark) red is also a goth type style option.

The owl is also a Gothic nail art trend that can be accentuated with Gothic colors like silver or mahogany.

A Gothic rose or skull is another great opportunity to use it as a part of your nail art. A skull is more on the dark side of the culture, but it's a way to connect with the mystique of the Gothic subculture too. You'll love the way your nails stand out with the inspiration of the goth subculture.
How To Make Your Gothic Manicure Stand Out?

1. Accessories:

Pairing your Gothic manicure with the right accessories is a great way to make your nail art stand out. Try adding a ring or accented necklace with a bat, owl, or rose. A goth style ring will quickly attract people to your fingers and your nail art. You can chose a bold accented piece or simply a piece with a lot of detail. Jewelry has always been and continues to be a great way to a create a flair with accessories. Ask your jeweler for accessory ideas that will compliment your manicure.
2. Fashion:

The clothing that you choose also makes a huge difference in the Gothic style nail art chosen. You can choose from:

and much more...

For instance, try combining a truly Gothic outfit with a cool Gothic manicure. Your fashion statement choice is a great way to make your nail art stand out. There's unlimited fashion options to choose from which can allow your Gothic manicure to get zillions of compliments. Many users find it easy to mix and match fashion wear to their Gothic style to accent their manicure.
3. Makeup:

Finally, makeup can do more than conceal your imperfections or highlight your best features. Makeup is a great way to also bring out the intricacy in your Gothic nail art. Darker or deep color makeup can significantly help your manicure stand out if used properly.

In fact, gray and silver are also great ways to help your Gothic style manicure stand out. Your makeup artist and nail artist can match designs ideas for the perfect look. Your nail artist has the option to be creative or work exclusively from your creative ideas. Choose makeup that fits your Gothic manicure well by testing colors of makeup and nail art. Also consider dying your hair an ashy color to go with your goth style manicure. 
Why Is The Gothic Style Highly Preferred? 

Many people prefer the goth style because neon colors can also be chosen along with futuristic styles including Gothic punk rock and how it has evolved over the past decade. 

Many people want to try something other than what's common. More importantly, the goth style is heavily influenced by fashion and music which helps your manicure stand out or be the inspiration behind creative ideas. The Gothic style is a bold design option. 

How To Get The Best Gothic Manicure?

For the best Gothic manicure, find a nail artist that's familiar with the subculture. If they have very little experience with the Gothic style type, it makes it harder for your manicure to identify with your expression. Being able to create a unique style that gives the wearer individuality, but also has the capabilities of setting trends is the key to creating a Gothic manicure. 

It's equally important for the nail artist to be able to build on your creative ideas too. For example, being able to look at your fashion, accessories, or makeup and build off of those trends shows familiarity with the Gothic trend. Check out the nail artists previous work or ask them if they have experience with the Gothic style. 

Again, the goth style type does not have to be dark or gloomy by incorporating neon colors or associated animals. Gothic can also be beautiful. A goth finds pleasure in other things that people consider part of a dark culture. It's possible to create an iconic glow with the least preferred colors. A Gothic manicure is great for all year around, but it's especially wearable for the fall and winter months. There are many ways to get a Gothic style to stand out during the colder months because people enjoy dark colors when it's colder outside and will be attracted to your design. 
Don't Miss Out On The Gothic Manicure Style Trend 

Don't miss out on a sweeping new trend in nail art with the Gothic style type. If you've never tried it before, its also a stylish reason to start something new. 

Ask your nail artist about their experience with the Gothic style type for your manicure today! 



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